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Default Eyesight/Low Light Frustration

O.K., I'm frustrated. I use magnifying sunglasses, I carry cheaters in my pocket, I swear I am at my wits end. Last night, just after sunset, I was fishing a stream and had to switch flies. By the way, this happens in daylight too. I could not get the tippet through the fly for what seemed forever and then had trouble tying my knot until I decided to make it huge. I say all of that because I know this is a common problem. Heck it was a problem for me in days of better eyesight with small flies and tippet. Anyway I am seriously considering pre-tying, in the comfort of my home, pieces of tippet to all of my flies with a loop about 12 inches up the tippet. Then, whey it comes time to swap flies I can cut one off and use a loop to loop connection from my tippet to the piece of tippet that is pre-tied to the fly. Heck, tying a loop I can do in the dark so changing flies would be simple. Has anybody done this? Is it a bad idea? If so, why? I'm looking for any input you can provide.
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