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Default line kick

Hello all I am having a bit of trouble casting. especially with my bass bugs

So here goes, let me give you some back ground. I started fly fishing back when i was 17 with a 5wt for trout casting only small trout flies and small streamers for bass. never had any issues casting with these small flies.

I went to college and had a part time job and put fishing on the back burner. now that im out of college and have my first real job on my days off i like to go fishing and decided to warm up the fly rods again. One of my rods I picked up was a 7wt cabelas xst.

I relined it just this past month with a rio small mouth bass taper and began to practice in the parks on the grass with a piece of yarn tied to the end of my leader. My casts unrolled beautifully and straight. went down to the local stream and tied on a larger (size 2-4?) hard bodied popper.

I immediately started having issues. when the loop would unroll it would kick violently to one side or downwards and i cant seem to make a good cast to save my life. I managed to make a handfull of good casts but it seemed like the difference between to much and to little power was miniscule. Is my problem that im overpowering the cast?

I tend to cast slightly off to the side, Lefty Kreh style instead of straight up and down like Joan Wulff style. Should I return to the basics and start the traditional cast straight up and down? or is there something else? Im thinking about investing in an hour or so of private casting lessons from the local fly shop. but was wondering if anyone had any ideas? also when i start making longer and longer casts the line is falling down and slapping the water behind me. is this just an issue of trying to false cast to much line?

Sean Scott
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