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Default Re: Orvis Made in England Click and Pawl

I suspect your springs need to be replaced, an easy job. You never know with a previously owned reel whether or not the drag has been turned off when not is use. I overlook this all the time with my CFO3 and I believe that it contributes to wearing the spring's tension; it happens to all click-and-pawls.

A great thing about Orvis is the servicing of their reels. For example, I have 2 Battenkill disc drag 8/9s and both had some exposure to saltwater and the drags were fluttering and I couldn't clean them up. I took them into the local Orvis-owned dealer who shipped them up to Vermont (free) and for $10 each, I got the reels back within a week in perfect condition. They thoroughly cleaned the reels and had to replace 3 parts and waived the charges on those.
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