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Default Side-arm cast woes -- need advice


I'm new to fly fishing and have learned some of the basics from *some instruction and by reading stuff written by Lefty Kreh (great material). He recommends that a fly caster learn the side arm cast well, because it facilitates a better distance cast later due to a greater ability to extend the rod on the back cast.

Anyway, I do a regular overhead cast decently, with *some success in hauling, though my forward haul sucks.

For the side-arm cast, I'm terrible! On the backcast I concentrate on keeping my elbow "on the shelf" but the fly always sags too low and I get terrible tailing loops that want to catch the rod on the forward cast. Any tips on what to check for to correct the problem?

Oh, and by "side-arm" I'm referring to a cast with the rod tip just a little above the elbow (in other words, quite side-arm). I do the 45 degree cast decently.

More data: My overhead cast is more of a "tower" cast, where I go completely vertical and upward, then back "downward" on the forward cast. So it's more of a diagonal cast then parallel to the water/ground. I get the tightest loops with this cast for some reason. I don't know why this seems easier to me than the other casts.

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