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Default Re: upgrading my 4wt reel, Lamson Konic or Cortland Retro?

Coils in the line have no relevance in my reel choices....I always stretch my line when I pull it of any reel large arbor or small, I guess I just assumed everyone did this.

As far as fighting oversized fish on undersized rods.... I don't think it's fair to the fish to do this. Yes it's alot more fun to fight a big fish on a small rod but is it realy good for a fish that is intended to be released? I see this alot in flyfishing (not even a fraction as much with gear guys) and just don't feel it's the right thing to do. Alot of guys think your giving the fish a "fair" chance by using light gear but alot of times your just exhauting them to the point of not fully recovering, especially in warm water with low oxygen levels where it is hard for the fish to absorb the o2 it just burned out of its red blood cells during the fight....... but like I said in my earlier post, to each their own. A 10 munite fight on a 5lb fish, when I see posts or hear stories like that I just ask myself, "why?". People shouldn't be so naive to think just because the fish swims away that it is guaranteed to live. I also don't choose to lay my fish in the dirt/mud/rocks, out of water just to get a glory shot, most of the time I don't even take pics just so I can get them back in the water as fast as possible... But again "to each their own".

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