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Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
Make sure your power application on the forward cast is gentle and gradual leading up to the powerful acceleration and hard stop. Shortening your leader might help as well, down to more like 6' instead of 9'. 8lb/3x is plenty light for bass.

Also, the cupped face on poppers lends itself to sort of a "knuckleball effect" as it flies through the air. (If its asymmetrical from above, it'll be worse) Throwing a diving fly with a more sloped/pointed head might help.
Thanks cliff and thanks everyone I have been throwing them on a 7.5 ft orvis leader 1x. So hopefully this is stout enough. For whatever reason when i dug around in my fly pack I found a few saltwater leaders i must have picked up when i was younger. I have a 16lb test and i think a few others that might be a bit heavier. I just wana get this casting under control.

In my opinion you can go out and spend all day on the water with a fly rod. catch maybe a few small fish, or maybe no fish. come home clean up and enjoy a nice meal and a beer and have way more fun than if you went out on the water with a spin rod and caught lifetime fish all day.

Thanks everyone I really appreciate the help.
Sean Scott
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