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Default Level leader question - fly sizes


I believe I've narrowed my typical fly sizes down to #12-#6 for most species I'll likely be fishing. I'm taking the advice of a previous poster in not getting too uptight about my leader, and I'll likely be using either a simple tapered one from 20 pound test >> 8 pound test or just a level strip of 6/8 pound test monofilament. I'll probably use a fairly short leader, maybe 6-7 feet.

Will this type of leader "turn over" flies between #6-12? I was wondering whether the thickness and stiffness of the heavier mono would affect this....particularly using a leader/tippet of 8 pound mono on a size #12 fly. What will happen? Does the length matter more than the line size?

I'm just curious about how this tends to work in practice...without having to waste a lot line and flies

Thank you again!
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