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Default Lost the biggest trout of my life

So every year I come up to the adirondaks to go trout fishing for a year. Normally I catch a few 20 inchers with the biggest being a hoss of a 23 inch rainbow. So this year I was out on a seculded lake in my kayak. I was throwing some small trico's with a 6 weight fly rod. I was in about 18 feet of water when the water exploded. I got a glimpse of the fish at the surface and it looked like a log. The next thing I knew I was 10 minutes into the fight and had lost over 50 yards of line. I literally was getting pulled around the lake by this fish. Then i made my fatal mistake (what i think). I jumped off the kayak when i was close to shore to fight it on land. It immediately swam right at me and i couldn't make up the line. I reeled in the rest of my line and just sat down on a log for about 10 minutes speechless. It was only 9am and I was terribly upset. I packed up my stuff and made a somber paddle back to the truck, The entire time thinking what had i hooked into? Was it a huge trout? there are small mouth in the lake but nothing that would do that to a 6 weight rod. There arent pike or muskie either. The 2 hour car ride home was worse. Had I just lost a possible record size fish?
Anyways thanks for reading, I will be back after him next year.
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