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Default Jumping Grayling!

I am all grins right now! I went to my local grayling slough today with my recently acquired 3wt and had a blast. I normally use a bead headed red copper john (admittedly I had to look that up...) but today I decided wanted to see those huge sails fly and try some dry flies. Armed with my new silicone and dry fly powder I slung flies for hours in beautiful 70 degree weather. Strike after strike of acrobats had me giggling (wife says giggling makes me sound like a girl so... chuckling) all day. I only ended up landing two but I probably had probably 100 strikes. (After reading that I am a little ashamed but I'm going to blame the fish for their bad aim.) I have a bit of a similar style to Hardyreel because either they hook them self or they don't get hooked at all. I take no pleasure in snagging fish. I didn't catch any monsters. The biggest being probably 9in, but seeing these fish fling themselves out of the water after my not so perfectly presented fly was simply food for the soul. I have come to the conclusion the grayling are the most flattering fish I have ever had the privilege to share the water with.
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