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Default Re: New caster problems

Originally Posted by randyflycaster View Post
You might be executing your forward casting stroke too quickly. If we cast too hard for the amount of line we have out the fly line might bounce after we abruptly stop the rod.

Also, you might be stopping the rod too early. At the end of your forward cast the rod should point to about 10:30.

You say the rod should point to about 10:30. Do you mean on a false cast or the actual cast?



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Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
Most of the time with a new caster, when you have that problem, it's in where you keep your line hand when going into the forward cast. If the distance between the first stripper guide and the line hand decreases as you go into the stroke you are 'anti-hauling'. If the line hand is stationary and the rod is going back and forth, when you go into the back cast the distance between the first stripper and your hand increases, making a weak haul. Weak but still a haul. That's why the backcast is good but the forward cast stinks. You are unloading the rod in the forward stroke.

Watch what you do with your line hand and let me know. This may be jspriddy's problem as well. I have seen where they do pretty well till they go to shoot and the line hand forgets to stay with the program.
If the line hand closes with the first guide on the forward cast, you're essentially feeding more (too much) line, therefore, the problem?



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Originally Posted by gatortransplant View Post
While your casting may indeed be the issue since you're new, also try stretching your line out by having someone hold the other end and pulling strongly on it. Line memory can wreak havoc on your casting, and as a new caster, you want as many variables as you can eliminated! Good luck and happy casting, but most importantly, happy fishing!

Will try that. I had read to do that and completely forgot.



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Thanks to everyone that replied. I've read and studied all your answers, and intend to make use of them all. By the way, I was doing some better this evening.

Many thanks,

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