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Default Re: Looking to upgrade from a Dogwood Canyon 8'6'' #5 need advice

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
I bet you would. I used to work at BPS and would try to steer folks away from those because they were so heavy and floppy. Hopefully yours is better than the dogs I occasionally sold.

TFO's BVK rods at $229- very light, very crisp, plenty of power
I kinda agree with the rod being kind of floppy, but like I said I do not have much experience with other rods and what a "good" one really feels like. I do notice the rod has some trouble with distance, as well as throwing things with an indicator at much distance.

I'm glad you pointed out the TFO BVK rods to me. They seem really nice based on reviews. Have any comments on the Sage Vantage or Winston Passport rods?

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