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Default Re: If You Use a Two Hand Rod;

i'm no expert by any means but a 4 wt seems to be pretty light for up here. While I use a 3 wt in the smaller creeks and sloughs most of the Bigger rivers IE ones better suited for a spey rod seem to be moving at a pretty good pace. Also like you said its easy to get outgunned in a hurry up here. Just the other day I was fishing for grayling with my 3 wt on a good sized river and I had kings and dogs swimming right by my fly. Luckily I didn't have any unwanted takers but I had never seen those fish that far up before. Not to mention the dollies and trout can get huge up here. I watched a guy the other day fight for his life while fishing for rainbows and hooked a 20+ dolly in some pretty fast current... he was using a 5 wt. I love the light weight fight but only for selective applications. Just my 2 cents take it for what its worth.
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