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Default Landing heavy catch on light rod???

Well, I learned a very expensive lesson in my backyard canal this week...with my beloved 6wt I snagged a 20+pound snapping turtle, and during the struggle to get him close enough to salvage my favorite fly, I managed to snap the top section of my rod, about 6 inches from the tiptop......... And then before I could recover from that surprise, the critter broke me off on some jagged rocks, so I had to give up the fly as lost.

Here's my question: someday (hopefully), my catch will be a lunker bass, and in my excitement to get him out of the water without breaking my priceless rod again, I think I need a specific lesson in technique. Obviously, I don't wish to place all that weight on my rod as in "lifting" the fish out of the water. I suppose therefore, that at some point in the catch I must lay down the rod and physically handle the line/leader until the fish is in reach to safely land him.

To me, that sounds a bit clumbsy, and somehow takes away from the glory of "catching on fly". Is this the prescribed technique or is there a more graceful and rewarding way to go about it?

PS. This precise question looms heavily this week as I prepare my first trek to the beach to try my hand at some of the sizable Snook which are being caught in large numbers presently. How the heck does one go about bringing a 20 pound fish out of the surf to where a safe release can take place? Do I simply drag him out of the waves to a point where I can approach him, remove the hook, and manually help him back out to sea?

Hopefully I am not making too much out of this process. I guess once I have experienced either scenario a time or two, I'll learn the preferred way to go about it.
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