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Default Re: New caster problems

Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
I don't like grass because it causes wear and micro cuts on the fly line, but with a used fly line and a "grass leader," one can simulate the "feel" of water resistance. Make up a few for teaching the roll cast.

Search for "Roll/Spey grass leader" on Google and click on the first hit. You can modify the leader to make it shorter or longer.
Well, I only have one rod and one line, so I guess I'll use it until I get better and buy another. I'll try the grass leader, although the link said a 12' leader. Wouldn't that be too long for a 9' rod?



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Originally Posted by nickel View Post
During your casting stroke visualize keeping your rod tip on the same plane from back to forward stroke. Dont allow your stroke to present a big arc. during your forward stroke if your line loop is tailing, you most likely are applying to much power+speed too soon. Concentrate on letting "the rod work" with the amount of line your hauling to feel it loading naturally. Grip pressure could be an intrical part of the cast that will tighten everything in your hand and your forearm and may play an important role in your stroke being more jerky and robotic. A good caster will always show a precise and deliberate stroke with good timing on a good cast (narrow loops). Once you have a tight loop coming forward, time the abrupt stop of the rod to allow the line to straighten and lay down softly. If your line slams down or tugs down then you applied to much power coming forward for the amount of line you were hauling. Make that dryfly touch the water like a feather! keep it fun!
I think part of my problem is bending my wrist. This is about the only thing I can think of where wrist movement is not an integral part of the motion.

By the way, I'm getting a little better each day. I cast 15-20 minutes every night.


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