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Default Upgrade reel for Winston 4wt BIIX 8'6"...?


I've fished this rod just a bit and it looks like it may get some more trout time over the next year or two.

Bought the rod when it first came out and have an Abel #0 on it, which works, but is really a bit small for what this 4wt is capable of. I had the reel at the time of the rod purchase and it seemed good enough to get the rod started. The #0 would be better suited to the 3wt or lighter.

I find this rod to be extremely versitile and have even cast some home-made sink tips with it. I think it is one of Winston's "sweet spot" rods that happens to fit my motions quite well.

Since I have a bias towards Abel, I was looking at the Super 4n. Also attracted to Hatch & Bauer, but the Hardy Ultralight 4000 DD has recently caught my attention. This Hardy seems to have generally good comments and its price is attracting me just a bit. The others are not out of the price range though.

This set up will continue to be used for trout, some bass and still water stuff, maybe a passing carp (usually hunt carp with a 6wt).

Your thoughts are appreciated.

As always - kind regards - redleg
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