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Default Double Haul.... Won't.....

New to the forum, here! Read almost every thread about casting, and can't find anyone with a similar issue. I am not exactly new to the sport, but by no means a great caster.

When I use my 8ft 6wt that I have had for 12 years, I seem to do a pretty decent job. I can double haul an accurate cast out to just over 75 feet, and feel really good and relaxed in the process. The loops are nothing to brag about, but it works. This past father's day, my wife got me a brand new 9ft 6wt beautiful rod with large arbor reel. A lot fancier and more expensive than my 12 year old outfit.

So out on the water, waving this expensive stick in the air trying to trick a few fish into an unexpected workout, and I see a monster about 40 feet away. I assume the position and get ready to swirl this 9ft contraption like a bureaucrat's olive sword in a martini and launch a beautiful cast to drop my woolly bugger a few feet off his nose... I wiggle about 20 or 25 feet of line out and false cast to get my game on, it feels right, I strip out some more line, and start my double haul to reach him, when my rod won't shoot the line back in my back cast. I pick the line up off the water, a nice smooth back cast, haul some line down to about my waist, as I have done a thousand times, stop the rod, move my hand back up, and I notice the line between my hand and the rod has just gone slack. None was shot out on the back cast so that I can haul on my front cast. I ended up having to haul to my chest on the back, then to my waist on the front cast. Line would shoot out beautifully and form great loops all the way to my target. But alas, unlike my old out fit, this one will not take up my slack in the double haul.

Some differences in the rods:
I have not mastered this art-form, nor it's terminology, so I will just describe.

My old rod, even on the long 75+ foot casts will only bend in the top 1/3 or so. The line slides through the guides both fore and aft like butter, the rod tip will give a nice flick, then bounce a little causing the line to be a touch wavy, but nothing that can't be dealt with. The casts are always a touch more open, and not pretty but very effective and quiet.

My new rod, even on short casts, seems to bend all the way down to the cork. There is noise as the lines goes through the guides, and the fly and line through the air seem to scream. I get constant twists and knots in the tippet even when keeping false casting and wind knots to a minimum. The plus of this new rod, is that when I stop it, the dang thing stops. It does not bounce, wiggle, or twitch. It flicks that line over the top and out like lightning and it sits bloody still.

Am I doing something wrong with this obviously new and different type of rod that I am not used too, or is there something wrong with the rod it'self. The latter I cannot fathom as it shoots line on the forward cast beautifully, it's getting it there is the hard part. And why all of the sudden, all the noise and twists?

Thank you all in advance for your help and guidance. Tight lines, my friends.


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