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Default Re: Double Haul.... Won't.....

JPB. I'm a sight only fisherman as well. Love to see what I am going for.


Thanks for the tip! I was hoping it was something I was doing wrong, and not something wrong with my new rod. Back to basics always seems to be the right choice, even for a stubborn ol' man like myself.

Any particular thing I need to do different, in addition to practice the basics and back off on the power and distance quite a bit? My old rod is the only fly rod I have ever used, so going from the fast action, long shot rod to, what appears to be extremely slow, short distance though accurate, has me at a bit of a loss. And the noise, I have never heard this screaming of the fly and line before. Which I would not expect from slower line speeds. It's nice to know I have two very different style rods now, even though the same wt, as they both appear to have their advantages.

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