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Default Re: Double Haul.... Won't.....

Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
It's new rod but I would still check every one of the line guides to make sure one of them has not been nicked.

Another possibility is that some rods do not have a smooth surface but still have the pressure ridges from the curing wraps. This is true in some of the cheaper rods. They do not go to the expense of sanding and coating the rod. Line rubbing against these ridges could cause a zinging sound during line shoot.

I would also treat the line with a line dressing to see if that helps. I'm at a loss to explain the noise otherwise.
The rod looks good, as do the guides. But on closer inspection, I am starting to think it could be the line. Although new, it is a generic stock line, and doesn't seem of top quality. I will upgrade the line to a Rio and see what that does.

As long as it's not damaging the line, spooking the fish, or interfering/causing this problem, I would assume a little noise can be tolerated? Or is every rod/line set up nearly silent as my old gear?

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Originally Posted by swirlchaser View Post
Under most situations you will get the same distance from a slower action rod. Do everything you did with your previous rod, just do it slower. You will also get a softer presentation with a slower action rod.
As in a rod more suited to sneaking up on carp/bones. So worth putting in the time and effort to learn it seems.

Originally Posted by swirlchaser View Post
By the way, we're you ever stationed at Ft. Wadsworth in Staten Island, NY? I took a salt shot to the thigh from a Navy cop as a teenager while I was fishing/trespassing. Your screen name brought back a painfully memory, lol.
I was in NY for a total of three hours. Off Duty. I was in Willow Grove PA, or Norfolk VA when I was on shore duty. My time was split between the USS Lamoure County and the USS Enterprise. I hope he didn't hurt ya too bad!

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