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Default Re: Next month,RE:Lewis and Harks Montana Exp of 2012

Originally Posted by dharkin View Post

I am starting the final prep for my long awaited trip. I have a rather new pair of wading boots but they are not felt soled, should I bite the bullet and buy a pair of felt soled boots now or wait? Is Rock Creek the only area in the Missoula area that I need the felt for? I will be strictly wading for the week if that helps at all.

I am trying to figure out what I MUST pack and what I can AFFORD to buy from the local shops. I know that I will be relying upon local fly shops heavily for fishing info and prefer to spend my money in their shops in return for such information. I just want to be sure that they have the items in stock that I may need.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
I'd wait. Many places are making felt soles illegal as they transport invasive species too easily. Giver your waders a try here and see how it goes. If you need new ones, every fly shop in the U.S. will have them.

Or, you could add steel studs or cleats to the soles of your waders. In many places they work better than felt.

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