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Originally Posted by swirlchaser View Post
When it hit me I laughed at him and ran away. 50yds down the beach the salt started dissolving, I wasn't laughing or running anymore after that. My father had to come pick me up at the fort, he wasn't happy
He must have got you from close range, those things didn't work too far out. I think that's why they were mostly gone by the time I got there. We had the BeanBags to play with. :-)

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Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
Not only won't the noise bother the fish, some of the textured high tech lines like Sharkskin make noise as they are cast.

What we hear as noise with our ears cannot be heard under water because the vibrations in the air are reflected when the hit the water surface. Water is 700 times as dense as air and that density difference does not allow what we would hear as noise to penetrate the water.

What fish do hear is the direct vibrations of us walking on shore or wading that is transmitted directly through the ground and water. They do not hear is so much as "feel" it through their lateral lines.
Is there any way to tell what kind of line exactly I have? As the package was gone, and the description of the product isn't specific online. The line was pre-spooled on the reel, and I have not, nor know how, to make sure it's on right.

So I need not worry so much about the screaming through the air, but the large smack into the water from the near constant "tuck cast" that I seem to cast with this rod? Again, back to basics it seems.

Speaking of basics. Will casting into the yard/grass hurt my line/leader/tippet? As in, can I practice a bit in the yard, then roll it up and off to the lake without have to clean and dress or worry about damage?

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