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I've turned to Ebay quite often on reels and the Bauers are currently the best value. You'd get more than enough reel for the money you are talking and perhaps even pick up an Abel such as I managed a few weeks back for just $250 for a Super 7 in great shape. Tibors hold there value the best it seems but these might fit in your budget at times, especially during the winter months when bidding slows on fly reels and prices drop. I picked up a Tibor Evergladeds a year or so back for just under $300 including shipping. Just make sure the seller has a high number of transactions and a good rating. Besides Bauer reels, the Old Florida reels when they appear usually go for a bargin price and they are a rock solid Tibor, style drage system, reel. Islanders are also another that you can find at superb prices now and then.
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