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Default Re: fly line to leader loop

Originally Posted by gatortransplant View Post
John, a loop-to-loop with perfection loops will do you just fine! Most new fly lines will come with welded loops in the end for this purpose. Using forceps or something similar will help tie a nice compact perfection loop.

Thanks. Does the perfection loop have any advantages over the surgeon's loop? I can tie either, but the surgeon's loop is easier.


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Originally Posted by cowpokey View Post
Buddy turned me onto the Amnesia loop (nail knot with a perfection loop). He says:

Click the image to open in full size.

I have enough memory problems without introducing amnesia into the mix. In fact, I'm not certain I'm not already there.

No, really, thanks. I have yet to start learning nail knots, but I'll keep this in mind.


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