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Question Best bang for the buck.

I have recently come into a small amount of money, about $600, and I am looking to finally get my first "real" fly rod. I am looking at 8wt or bigger, and for salt water. Reds, bones, baby tarpon etc. What would be the best quality rod/reel/line combo for under $600? I have been looking at the Orvis Clearwater 8wt, as Orvis is the only non-off-the-shelf-at-bass-pro-kit company I have dealt with, and for less than $350 for the whole outfit, seems like a good deal. But with so many other great brands out there, Sage, G. Loomis, TFO, etc, what is the best rout to go? I know the pre-assembled kits are a bit of a sin in fly fishing (so I am told), are they still a good way to get quality for low cost, or should I piece a kit together on my own, and from what company(ies)?

Thanks for the help. I can't wait to hit the flats!

Greg H.

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