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Default Re: 2-piece blanks

Dan, with all due respect, if you are going to dis what someone says, please address the points made.
Again, if the ferrule is not a weak point, why do the manufacturers wrap the female ferrules?
I just measured the diameter of my GLX at the tip of the male ferrule. It is 0.206". The female ferrule diameter (just above the thread wrap) is 0.275. Would you agree that the female ferrule is larger diameter, Dan? Would you also agree that a larger diameter tube is more rigid than a smaller diameter tube and that a larger diameter tube needs to have a thinner wall to be as flexible as the smaller diameter tube, assuming the same material is used?
Finally, I determined how far up the tip from the end of the female ferrule I had to go to get back to the same diameter as the tip of the male ferrule: the distance was 13". So, for a distance of at least 13" the rod diameter is greater than it would have been had there not been a ferrule. Now, the only way a blank maker can create the proper action in this rod, it seems to me, is to make that 13" section of the tip thinner or change to a lower modulus, heavier material. Is this statement wrong, wrong, wrong, Dan?
That still leaves us with the ferrule itself, which, I think you will agree, Dan, is definitely thicker walled as well as a much larger diameter. This alone adds weight.
Does all this make any real difference? Perhaps not, but for me, assembling all those pieces and aligning them properly just takes more time and I can't see where 3 ferrules can possibly IMPROVE the action of a fly rod! Of course I do most of my travelling in an SUV so a 5 foot rod case isn't a problem. On my Alaska trips I simply ship the rods to my destination ahead of time. This summer I shipped 5 rods, insured, for less than $25.

As for the Name Brand rods being all 4 piece, you are correct. I was referring to their "top end" rods. They do still make 2-piece rods for the entry level angler and these are likely better than my older "top end" 2 piece rods from the days of yore when the RPL reigned supreme!

P.S. Checking all of my posts to make sure I don't "spread bad information" is not really ignoring me, Dan.
Am I wrong?
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