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Default Broke my rod... what to do?

Hey guys, well i was fishing the other day and my lure got stuck in some grass, and i, being stupid and all, decided to try to rip the lure out. and the rod went 'snap' My rod was an orvis silver label that i had bought used, to replace another rod that i had backed over with my jeep... I know i know.... im stupid... but this has seriously made me want to really really take care of my rods... i dont have any fly rods.. so i need a new one.

Ive been looking at the Sage Bass rod, and thats really looking good as far as strength, and i mostly do bass fishing, and i wanted to try fishing for carp, so i wanted something suited more for strong fish that desire to kick my butt...

I emailed Orvis's rod-repair service, and they replied, saying that they could repair my rod, or i could upgrade to another rod. and he said if i did that, i could buy a Helios for $325, an Access for $150, or a Superfine for $200 (I love orvis's customer service!!!!)

I was thinking about getting the sage bass, and then upgrading to an orvis access or superfine to have a more trout type rod. 5wt probably

So what do i do?!?! has anyone tried these rods? Oh, and if i should post this in a different forum or subforum, please let me know!
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