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Default Weber River & private property

Got out on the Weber again last weekend and had a pretty good day but an issue came up in regards to no trespassing/private property signs so i wanted to get others opinions and experiences. I was fishing a run that was public access and hooked a 20"+ brown who put up a fight and was running like crazy. I was dealing with a few trees and bushes that I was determined to not let him get caught up in so I played him around those things and down stream a little. By the time I netted him (Was a pain in the ass) I wasnt paying much attention to where I was and proceeded down stream to fish the next spot. I was probably there for about 20 minutes or so and then headed back to my vehicle to head back home. While I was walking back I realized at that point that I had drifted into a no trespassing area while I was chasing that brown down stream without even realizing it. No matter how stupid the new law is and how big of a joke I think it is I dont want to step on anyones toes and ruin the rest of the granted public access for anyone else so its not something I plan on doing again. My question for everyone is if they have had any luck asking and being granted approval from any of those owners to fish their stretch? If so, was it on a day by day basis or have any of them said anytime as long as you have asked first? The reason I ask is I did take a look at a few more spots before I headed back (didnt fish them) that I would like to fish if possible.
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