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Default Re: Best bang for the buck.

Originally Posted by texasflyfisher View Post
Pro Series is a solid choice, perhaps over the Healing Waters. I'm not familiar with the HW model, but looking at the profile and description it seems to be a slightly higher-priced version of the Professional Series.
I like the Healing Waters because they donate money to the organization. I am all for helping out wounded veterans, and if I can do it with buying a fly rod that happens to be good and usable, seems like a deal. The pro series seems nice and the prices seem fair.

Originally Posted by texasflyfisher View Post
TAKE YOUR TIME making a decision. Get to a shop that will let you try out some rods if you can
Know any good shops near Fort Myers, FL? Other than Bass Pro or Orvis.

Originally Posted by texasflyfisher View Post
For your reel get yourself an Allen Alpha. They're on sale right now for $144.
I have looked at this company many times, online, but they just didn't seem to be what I was looking for, and I had not heard much about them, so I was a bit skittish . But after your recommendation and reading all of the reviews, I am sold! Now to pick the color!

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Originally Posted by pete a View Post
TFO's are fast, seems so may now pray at the "fast" alter. However issues arise, you casting skill has to be better and short casts suffer (if you redfish short cast accuracy & presentation can be a deal breaker)
This the reason why my other fast rod has trouble on casts in the 20 foot range? Slow rods for short casts?

Originally Posted by pete a View Post
Best line you can afford, don't scrimp here, buy a cheaper reel rather than "saving" here. Often this is where "kits" really cheapen up. I suggest the SA Bonefish or Orvis Saltwater both are superbe. $80ish
Go all the way on the line. RIO Redfish since they are my primary. But my ignorance on the taper, it seems very similar to the RIO Saltwater which is half the price. Is there something special here I am not seeing?

Hoping to save money to buy a bunch of flies. Rods and all the other mess are pointless with out something to put in the fish's mouth.

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Originally Posted by ditz View Post
I prefer dacron backing and I use 30# on all my reels. You can go with gel spun and get a lot more on your reel but it will cut you if you are not carefull and it is expensive.
Is that the main difference, is the capacity?

Originally Posted by ditz View Post
I really want a reel that has the cork drag.
I have never heard of that. Seems everyone is going to carbon washers or some type of disc drag. I still love my old click and pawl. My left palm was the drag!

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Originally Posted by gt05254 View Post
LL Bean has a Quest II outfit, 8wt, for $139.
I would have passed right over that as just another kit and a really cheap one at that. But it may be well worth a look for an extra backup kit. Can't have too many, right?

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