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Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

as for the rods check out orvis, cabelas, llbean they will have some decent rods at a good price. also check on thier warranties. as for the flies, my favorite for cutties is an olive elk hair caddis sz 12-16(high and dry). but i dont get to fish for them as much as others. theres good help watching so the posts will come in and maybe they can help a little more.
for general flies: hares ear nymph represents too many nymphs not to have a good assortment of those from sz 14-18
black wooly buggers, cause they just catch big aggresive fish 6-8
black and golden stone flies, gotta have those 10-12
green worms or some sort of a caddis immitation 14-16
those are some of my favorite flies, and the sizes are what i perfer
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