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Default Making eggs for egg sucking leeches

I am going to get into injection bait making a little and I am looking for some advice on a couple things.

The first is what color egg would everyone recommend?
Second, solid colors or transparent?
Third, what size egg would you match up for what size hook or is it more the size of the fly than the hook size?
Will rubber eggs even stand up to the punishment of fly fishing? Would a harder egg make it stay better?

Only things I have ever used are chenille or hot glue to make egg sucking leeches to rubber eggs are kinda of new territory. But I know i want to use them if they will work just because of their ease of use and the colors possible in pouring your own.

Salmon Egg Sampler

That is the mold I am getting if that helps anyone help me. I really like egg sucking leech patterns and I plan on doing a lot of fly fishing for the next few years. I also have some other egg patterns I want to make using them that will hopefully change my luck fly fishing.
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