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Default Terrible Customer Service from Versitex (Gudebrod Supplier)

I just wanted to let you all know about the poor customer service I received from Versitex after trying to order some Gudebrod Braided Butt Leader. I placed an Internet order for a 50yd spool of 35lb (approx $10) and a 100yd spool of 50lb (approx $19). Shipping for the original order was $11 - a bit steep for 2 tiny spools of leader, but I decided to go ahead with the order anyway. After about a month of waiting, I called to check the status of my order, and I was told that it was back ordered from the factory and would ship to me in approx. 4 more weeks.

Yesterday it arrived, well part of it. The 35lb arrived and the shipping list had a hand written note that the 50lb was cancelled. I called to find out what was going on, since I really needed the 50lb and only ordered the 35lb to have "just in case". They told me the 50lb was no longer available. I then inquired about the probably guessed already...$11 to ship a $10 spool of line. I told them that if they had called to tell me what was going on (my phone number is right on the invoice, and they have my email address) I would have cancelled the order, since I didn't really need the 35lb. She asked if I wanted to return it, so I asked if I would get my shipping charges back...she said no. I then asked if we could split the shipping 50/50, since they shipped it in a $5.00 USPS Flat Rate Box anyway, the $11 was pretty excessive. She said she would have to ask her manager...the answer was "No", and asked again if I would like to return it. Basically she asked me if I would like to spend another $5.00 in shipping (now we're up to $16 in shipping charges) to get $10 back. I told her no, and asked her to tell her manager that I wouldn't be shopping there ever again, and that I was going to let everyone know about my poor experience. Her response was "OK". I don't have a problem with the way the gal on the phone handled things, but they should have called when they knew that 2/3 of my order wasn't going to ship, and the manager should have stepped up.

I even sent them a copy of this post, and gave them ample time to make it right...but apparently they don't care. They did respond, but their reply was "Sorry you are angry, we should have called, but we can't refund the minimum shipping charge".
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