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Default Re: St. Croix Avid 7'9" 3 wt. - Your thoughts???

I found a deal on a brand new St. Croix Avid 7'9" 3wt on and pulled the trigger.

Spent a few minutes lawn casting it along side my Redington Classic Trout 7'6" 3 wt using the same reel and line (Redington Drift 2/3, Orvis Silver Label WF3).

The Redington is a light rod at 2.3 oz. but feels a tad tip heavier than the 2.6 oz. Avid. Might be due to the single foot guides on the Avid. The 3.5 oz Drift almost feels too heavy for the Avid. The grip on the Avid is extremely tapered... think carrot. I have small hands, and the Avid's grip felt tiny and a bit awkward after handling the CT.

The Avid's black anodized aluminum reel seat with the ebony spacer looks nice. The smoked aluminum reel seat and stained wood spacer on the CT looks kinda cheap in comparison. However, the CT does have a nice root beer colored blank, silver trim, alignment dots, and length designations on each section.

The Avid is definitely a truer medium action than the CT, however the Avid is not as slow or limber like the Superfine Touch 763. The Avid bends to your will based on the tempo of your casting stroke. The CT is a bit stiffer all around and has a more crisp feeling to the cast. Rod flex is not as responsive to casting tempo as it is to the mass of line out.

The difference between the actions of the two rods is noticeable, but for me there isn't enough of a difference to pick a clear "winner". I could get used to casting either one and would be happy fishing either one. As almost always, it simply comes down to casting preference. If you like more limber actions that translates your casting tempo to rod flex, go Avid. If you prefer faster, crisper feeling rods that transmit power directly from your hands to the fly line, go CT.
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