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Default Re: Best way to kill a fish?

Hey Frank, no I'm talking about wade fishing. I use my live well when I'm in my boat and if I don't catch enough to cook I just release them at the end of the day.
I guess since we are talking about trout vs pan fish here, there would be a difference in how we put them on a stringer. With pan fish you never go thru the gills, kills them dead, you put it thru the thin lower portion of their lip thru a thin membrame that will not hurt them. They'll stay alive all day but when it's warmer you do have to watch out for snakes feeding on them. But I don't guess trout have this membrame since their mouths are completely different. I had in mind trout fishing and wading but I don't know how the stringer thru the gills would affect them.
Hey, that's what makes this forum interesting, people from all across the county read and post. Nothing wrong with hearing how people in other places fish. Makes it interesting.
Big Nick
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