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Default Re: Free Speech Censorship or Careful Monitoring.........

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Hello Everyone,

We are not dealing with a free speech issue here. What we can't do is to entertain one side of a dispute in or on a public forum. While I understand the frustration folks can experience with long distance on-line / mail ordering, (I've had my share) it should be incumbent upon the buyers to fully understand the terms and associated costs or risks that accompany such ordering.

I live in Alaska where many of the things I need or want must be ordered from the lower 48 states or from abroad. When problems occur I deal with them and sometimes share details with friends. What I don't do and what the purpose of the forum is not for is to provide for members to vent their frustrations and or allegations regarding the transactions.While the venting may provide an element of relief having aired your side of the story, without the accused retailer having a seat at the table we could easily become the whipping post for many businesses and that is not our purpose.

I could go at length with suggestions on how to avoid problems but will simply say that a brief read through Dale Carnegie's book "How To Win Friends & Influence People' may lead to more harmonious results. That coupled with knowing the aforementioned costs & associated risks of on-line ordering; shipping fees, customs, duties, and the like will cut our losses substantially.

Sorry to hear of these problems but this is a fly fishing forum and not a consumer complaints bureau. I would advise that you start a 'Friends' list and a 'Contacts' folder here and when there is a problem, keep the details private until all are sorted out. If you feel that there is a valid threat to the fly fishing community at large such as a phony web site having no physical address that has taken your funds and seemingly does not exist other than on the net, then contact the forum and allow someone in Administration to check the site before blowing the top off a situation. If I learn of a valid threat I will post a general announcement to such affect so as to warn the membership.

Good luck with these disputes,

If a MOD/ADMIN wants to yank it...well they can have at it. I posted it to let others know that they might want to take their business elsewhere. Versitex sells Fly Rod Building Materials, and the Gudebrod is used for making Spliced Loops for FLY I thought it might benefit the members here to let them know what happened.

I also have the email I can post both sides of the story, but I already outlined it in my post.
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