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Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist?

I read about using a piece of inner tube, even pulled one out of my mountain bike gear and tried it. It was a brand new tube, still has the powder they use to keep it from sticking to itself when packaged. I don't have an old tube around, and didn't want to cut up a brand new tube, so I just bent it in half and drew an old leader through it to see what would happen. Well, it didn't draw through smooth at all, actually jittered like it was getting traction and letting go every micro second.

I've been using friction/heat to draw mono through my fingers and straighten it for many years, just figure there has to be a better way.

I straighten out my fly line(s) before fishing by pulling it off the reel, and around something smooth, then stretching it a few times. Seems to work well, as long as I have a clearing 40~50 feet to double the line out and stretch it all at once.

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Originally Posted by overmywaders View Post
I find that a leader that comes off the reel in coils can be straightened in 3' sections just by stretching it with almost your full strength. Obviously this works better with the thicker sections. A tippet can be drawn through a piece of rubberized shelf liner. I carry two 4"x4" sections of this in my vest for pulling ferrules apart, should they stick.

BTW, contrary to the advertizing, you don't need to buy new leader material each year. Just keep it out of the light and Nylon will last for 30-40 years. I am still using leaders made in the 1970's. (I cut the tip sections from any knotless old leaders; the extrusion technology was sometimes poor back then.)
I still have mono "new on the spool" that's over a decade old, it has some coils due to memory, but just as strong as the day it made IMHO. I've stretched out old mono without friction and it seems to be good to go. I keep all of my stuff stored out of sunlight and heat.
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