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Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
I'm so sensitive to these stings I can't leave the house without an Eppie pen in my pocket. The worse of it is this has been a hell of a bad year for the Buggers here in Southern Oregon.

Exterior of the house/wood fence gets a through eye-balling twice a week ... can of RAID in hand.
When it happened to me, the doc gave me a prescription to get two Epi pens. He said next time might do me in. That (and the stings) got my attention...I should get 'em replaced, they're both expired now.

The EMTs told me it was more important to get anti-histamine in the system than carry an epi pen. They said to break a couple 50mg benadryl capsules under the tongue and it would get absorbed real quick and not need the injectors. I don't know, I haven't been stung again, but I always have some capsules with me.
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