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Default Re: In need of Colorado trip suggestions!!

First of all, thanks for the great ideas! I am armed with Marty Bartholomew's "Fly Fisher's Guide to Colorado" (which I recommend to anyone planning on fishing in Colorado!). I have read a little bit about a few of the places you have mentioned and they sound great!

Up until now, I have been considering Eleven Mile Res. the most. My main concern with reservoir/lake fishing is that we don't have a boat. Is there a lot of accesible fishing from the shoreline?

We are all from northern Missouri, so we mainly fish for bass and panfish, however, I am pretty familiar with trout fishing (but still in need of as much advice as I can get!). We are mainly focused on trout, and that's what we want to pursue.

I don't think the South Platte would be the best fit for us. I only say this because I have heard lots about how tricky and finicky its fish are!

Fishing would be our predominant activity and what we spend our days doing. Our expectations are nothing high, but I am afraid a skunk would be terrible for morale. Obviously, we aren't going to slaughter em', but we would like to find some good spots and get in to some good fishing.

And as far as patterns go, it would be great if you guys recommended some patterns so I can start tying flies for our trip (Get yourself a PEAK Vise!).
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