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Default Fast(er) action 6wt for someone who fishes med-fast rods

Looking to pick up a 9ft 6wt in the near future and would like some input(personal opinions) on fast-ish action rods. My current go to rod is a 9ft 5wt Scott A3. I am looking for a 6wt with a little more power and distance to fish medium to large rivers on windy days and lakes (from the shore) on average days. I would be targeting trout and be using nymphs, dry-droppers, hopper-droppers and small to medium sized streamers. I am not a very good caster and have found many popular fast action rods stiff or too fast to cast with any finesse or accuracy. Rods I am considering are:

St Croix Legend Elite - Always been a fan of St Croix and their top not customer service. The 5 and 8wt versions of this rod did very well in the Yellowstone Angler shootout.

Winston GVX - 5wt version of rod did really well in the Reds Fly Shop test. Could not find any reviews of the 6wt version and the nearest dealer with one is 5 hrs away.

Scott A4 - Al the reviews I have read say it is faster and has more punch then the A3 it replaced.

Rods I have ruled out are the Sage VXP (too stiff), anything TFO (not impressed with the quality), and the high end Winstons (too expensive).
Have not tried the Sage One yet, but I gather the casting tempo required to make the rod really perform may be too difficult for me.

Basically I want to put together a list of rods worth testing as I have quite a hual to get to a fly shop. Thoughts?
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