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Default Re: J. W. Young Reels

The Beaudex and the Pridex are substantial reels. The Beaudex I have (it's around here somewhere) was designed for right-hand reeling and I needed to drill a few new holes for the line-guard to use it left-handed (I am right-handed but don't like to switch hands for reeling).

The Pridex has no line guard and sounds equally raucous whether you are reeling in or letting line out. If a good Pfleuger 1495 (Made in Akron) has the sound of a 1957 Buick with gravel in the crankcase, the Pridex has a slightly more upbeat tone... like an Austin 1800 with gravel in the crankcase.

These are good reels to balance a 9' cane rod. I think you will like them.
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