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Default Re: looking for a builder, or thinking to build...not sure yet.

Hey Eunan,

You can build everything you need to do a rod with very little effort.from the wrapper,turn motor and stand,apox. mixer,handle clamp.I don't think I have 65 beans into all of them.A few pieces of 1 by 3 by 3' oak,dowel rod,threaded rod for the handle clamp,thread tensioner(e-bay),a couple of motors(e-bay).I put all of mine to a router just to clean it up a bit.Im sure you have already searched it out.Pick the one you like and make it.
I would also get the book from Art Scheck,Fly Rod Building Made Easy.A great book for the beginner.It is actually a good read.Not a typical how to.The guy seems to understand how mundane how to books can get.He does a good job keeping you in the book.I have seen how exacting your standards are through you flies.This book will get you there.

As far as components go,AW is a good place.H&H are by far the best guides.You do get what you pay for.

Good Luck
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