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Default Re: Are high end fly lines worth the expense?

I was able to pick up a new spool of Rio Grand for $39 yesterday as the box was damaged and who cares about the box. 40 bones doesn't hurts too bad and shipping was free. I was able to get a 15% discount on Rio Gold since I bought a spare spool for my reel recently, in fact the local fly shop did 15% off that as well.

I would agree on matching the line to the rod. My ZXL casts perfect with Rio Gold and feels overloaded with Grand but I like the Grand on my Sage One as I'm able to feel the faster rod load much easier. Verdict is still out on my Scott A4 4 wt, using Gold on that reel and am wondering if it's a bit too light, maybe something in the middle like Mainstream or 444?

I would really be frustrated with line that doesn't float. Nothing more irritating than seeing the first 5 feet of your line 3 inches below the surface. I want the tip my my floating line to ride like a cork.
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