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Default Casting one to the Fenwick aficionados

I'm in my mid fifties. Back in 10th grade I was fortunate enough to win the big fish contest held by the local outdoor club. First prize was any rod of your choosing at the local sporting goods store. My father said he would take care of it. He came home with the most expensive rod they had: a Fenwick FF857 ($56). It has remained unfished until recently. Primarily an ultralight fisherman, I dabbled with fly rods from time over the years, 4 through 6wts. Never really caught the bug. A recent trip down the Juniata here in Pa. has me wanting to throw top water bass bugs after those smallies. The FF 857 fits the bill fine for me. Now to my question. Googling this particular model shows it's weight range from 3 3/4 oz. to 3 7/8 oz. Mine says 4 oz. The serial# is prefaced with a K. Did Fenwick weigh each rod as it came off the line and mark it accordingly or was it different from a 3 3/4 oz. by design? How unusual is this? Thanks in advance for taking the time.

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