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Default Shark Report and the dumb ass award goes to??

Click the image to open in full size.hi guys, well i did about 8-10 miles out in the rubber boat. didn,t see much. on the way back in did find the big squid. picked up a few of them, of course i got the water bath when gaffed. lol lot of birds working . i always float a balloon for shark. i keep seeing good size fish , few boils and some passers, they looked like wsb or something. never could get a good look or biter. then the fun starts, i see this huge shark, looks like mako, not a blue go under my rubber boat. i about pissed myself. then 2 mins later the balloon is doing 100 mph. i stick this thing and the fights on. i,m using a 3.0 penn with 50lb and a pacific stik.a boat load of mexicans circling me watching me full bent. so after 2 hrs i get it next to the rubber boat. the boats 8 ft and this thing is a good 3 ft plus over the 8ft. biggest shark i have ever hooked. so i,m thinking i have a hand gaff, i will get the leader, stik this thing and try and tail wrap it. so i get the leader, have the rope ready and i gaff it. this thing comes completly out of the water right at me, bounces off my out board, the tail hits me in the side the head and knocks me to the front of the boat. my little ****ty home gaff comes apart, he takes off and destroys my rod, eyes were popping off and the rod is broke in half, leader and shark gone!! my finger is opened up bleeding all over. so i had no shark, broken rod, bleeding like a 2.00 hooker and a big ass headache. i will get that *******, its not over between him and i untill hes on the bbq!!! i wouldn,t sugguest you try this in a rubber boat. i was a world class speedway motorcycle racer most my life, to many hits to the head has made me a dummy!! lol good luck all. this is the down side of small rubber boats!!
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