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Default Point Pinole, San Francisco Bay

Friday I'm going to wake up early in the A.M. and make a day of fishing/hiking the coastline of the Point Pinole state park. I was curious if any of you have fished here and have any 'hot spots' (or their general areas) to check out. Otherwise I just plan to circumnavigate the coastline looking for noticeable landmarks and/or fish and cast some clousers/surf perch flies.

Currently it's forecast to be a beautiful day and I will have chances at two high tides so hopefully I can hook up something. A striper or perch would be ideal.

I'll try to take lots of pictures and showcase the area for those interested. California is really quite a beautiful place.

And of course, if anyone wants to join with for the day or even only a few hours feel more than welcome to. I'm no expert however, and I'm basically just going for the experience.
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