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I had never come across this situation until I took up Fly Fishing and would like to discuss it. The question is catch and relaesa. I've fished in lakes since I was a kid. we abided by the rules and kept the keepers and threw back the small ones. My dad taught me to throw back fish with eggs no matter the size. Now I want you to understand, we took these fish home and ate them. That was the purpose of going fishing. So the old man who wasn't rich could go a day without springing for a meal.
Now I'm reading all I can on fly fishing and I start to hear about barbless hooks...what the heck is that all about, he'll be dead and in my stomach in a few hours, was I supposed to be making his last hours on earth as peaceful as possible? NO, I was supposed to release him back into the river....well if I catch a 14" trout, i'm eatin that bad boy. So the more I read about fly fishing the more I see these clubs promoting catch and release. My question is, who is sponsoring this? The lake I fished at as a kid is still full of fish and everybody takes home their catch and EATS them. I don't hear about anybody using rubber bullets when they shoot a deer! One club was promoting the strech of water they must use and take care of and talked about it like it was their river. I agree the waters need policed and taken care of because generally people have bad habits of leaving litter and the like and I appreciate and am willing to go out and help other people clean up an area. But this possesivness along with the catch and release thing I can't for the life of me understand. I pay money for a State license to hunt for food. With this economy if I can put a nice fish dinner on the table once a week for the cost of that license, I will. I've read some peoples opinions on this and they are die hard catch and release, what is the general opinion of it without starting a war over the issue. Also I don't fish everyday from morning til night, so i'm not cleaning out any rivers of their stock. Thanks for listening and I hope to hear a wide variety about this practice.
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