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Default Re: Roll casting help needed

ill throw in my 2c which isnt worth much, but ive been doing a lot of roll casts this spring with woolly buggers and large float in lots of wind and my back is up agains a bank or tree etc.. .. i dont know where your problem is as noone can see you cast, but here is what helped me this last trip.. .. my line was sinking becouse it was dirty so this is problem one.. strip your line is to where you can handle it, this is important becouse you can cast further if you dont try to push more line than you, your rig, or your set up can handle.. leave about 4-6 feet in front of you that is between the first eye and the reel, and grab the liine with your left hand.. draw your pole up, fast enought to get the line up and out of the water but not too much but so its dragging on top of the water..... when the loop of the line comes back BEHIND you, this may be a foot or foot and a half, then push the pole forward pulling down on the line with your left hand... dont overdo any of this, correct technique is far more important than power, just like golf.. just when you get to the end of your stroke about 2 oclock or what ever works for you, jab the rod strait up into the air lifting the whole ball of into the air somewhat, but the line will be on the water( this is for wind behind you).. this can toss about a 8-10 foot loop, and with the wind behind you the large loop wil push it further.. with wind into your face keep the loop small so the wind doesnt push it back at you as much.. ....... if your stripping line in for action on the fly, you may need to take a couple roll casts to get out to where you need to do the final cast.. you should be able to find the amount of line in front of you and the amount of line out on the water to get the furthest cast, three feet too much line out on the water, and it will crumple in front of you.. . as you pull down some for the final throw(when the loop is behind you) and then movee the rod forward, and as the line is moving out, let go with the left hand and about 3-5 feet lying in front of you can spool out to give you a little more distance.. tough to explain, and i probably broke all the rules as ive learnt by trial and error.. .. PS dont pull down on the line on the forward stroke(double haul i think its called) untill the pole is loaded, trye this pulling down in different possitions, its basicly to give your rod more flip power, as i said anything that is overdone will probably ruin the cast.. this is very tireing and if you do it for three days in a row as i did recently , i was totally exausted, so try to get some open spots behind you once in a while to give it your body and wrist a rest with some regular casts.... dave..
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