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Default Penobscot Mid May

Hey All,

A buddy of mine are changing our usual week long trip in the Catskills to a road trip to Maine next spring. A friend did it last year and said the fishing was great, although he went in July when the blackflies were almost unbearable. Going in Mid May, I think we might miss the flies, but also get the first run of LL's. We're looking at backpacking into the WB of the Penobscot and hiking in a bit to avoid the crowds.

I think we have some time to plan out locations and scour over maps, but I was wondering if anyone had some input on gear and fly selections. Would 3-6 wts. cover us or will we be undegunned? I've read a lot of streamers and sinking lines, but am still in the dark on this one. Any input if appreciated.

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