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Default Re: Point Pinole, San Francisco Bay

I could imagine when the fish are there, they bite well. If you remember the area there's a large barge moored to the left and across is the wildlife sanctuary with a fishing pier. I saw some small fish surfacing near a creek/inlet but in terms of what was in the main channel .... probably just lingering sturgeon/catfish/crabs and whatever else.

I think my main issue was that I expected them to come in earlier with the tide than what actually happened. I saw a lot of action happening down at the 37 bridge when I got there at 9, I think I just hit your spot up super early. Today's tide system, also, was a bit weird. There was two high tides of about 3-4 feet in a 5 hour period this morning/noon time. I'm not sure how the stripers respond to incoming/advancing tides like that.

I was using a 2/0 white/chartreuse clouser which kicked all kinds of ass at Point Pinole on Friday morning - I think when the fish are there, and hungry, the color of clouser shouldn't matter so much. But perhaps that's an amateur call.

I have a lot to learn about fishing in the bay, especially from the shoreline. I've definitely first-hand seen how you could do some serious damage with a boat, however. Do the stripers still bite in the bay around November? My dad brings his 17' Alumiweld down from Tahoe at the end of October and basically doesn't use it from Nov - April.

Mudbug, in retrospect I'd really like to give your area and other areas around the Petaluma river another shot with a little more time spent. I'd really like to hold-in-hand two 15#ers like that guy I saw who limited out before the morning even started. Do you recall at your spot, in terms of the tides, when abouts you'd get pestered by the stripers when fishing? Any little details would help!
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