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Default Re: Salmon River trip this fall

Originally Posted by thethirstytrout View Post
Hey there,

Whittaker's is a pretty nice establishment, if I recall correctly, its attached to a nice shop and is right in the middle of town.

I did see that someone mentioned Brenda's. A really good place if you're looking to just fish (there isn't much to do there other than fish). Unless prices have gone up, I remember it being $20/night during salmon season last year. If you still need a guide, shoot me a PM. I have some buddies that guide up in the Catskills, and I'm sure they can recommend a good guide in the SR.

Hope this helps,

TY PM sent !!

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About the rod; for steelhead in november, is it better a 10' 7 wt or 10' 8 wt ? I thinck for dead drift indicator fishing (eggs)
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