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Default TFO TiCr X 5wt

First of all, I am very new to fly fishing, and I am still trying to learn about line weights and rod actions. I purchased a 9' TFO TiCr X 5wt rod last year, and I have been fishing with it a few times. I have a RIO 5wt Windcutter II line on the reel. I have read that this is a very stiff action rod. I am having difficulty casting the line, whether it be a 5', 7', 9', or 12' leader. I know my form is not perfect, however, after taking instruction at my local shop and working with the casting guru there, I still cannot seem to get a clean cast. I am not ready to buy a different rod. I would like to learn to cast this one. my question is this: would a different or perhaps heavier line help in getting the rod to flex and cast better? I have read about over and under lining rods, but I would like some opinions on what might work.
I fish still water and smaller creeks mostly, and occasionally go out to the South Platte near Denver.
Any suggestions on lines that might make a difference?

Thanks in advance!
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