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Default Re: Going after the Sea Trout.

Originally Posted by theboz View Post
Having fished dock lights at the mouth of the Savanna for seatrout I like your first pattern. When fishing the lights any pattern that mimicked a shrimp was hot. The only thing special I found when fishing the lights was a weighted Clouser type fly didn't work as well as a non weighted shrimp pattern . Most of my Hookups were up high in the water column and usually as the fly would move from the light into the edge of the shadows where the trout were waiting in ambush. Sometimes during a moving tide they would be in such a feeding frenzy it really didn't matter what fly you were using as ling as you got it into the fray. Some of the biggest seatrout I've ever caught came out of those dock lighted areas in Ga. And Ive caught them in Fla , SC and NC but no comparison. Lot of fun!

Cool cool, now i have another fly that mimics a shrimp but it floats on top an creates a small splash much like a popper. How do you think that may fair?
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